Canada’s First Haute Couture Brand: Kelly NG

“Kelly NG” is currently Canada’s only existing haute couture brand and has received high recognition from the market since its debut. FACEBOOK has harvested nearly 18,000 fans in just 5 months and the ordering conference held so far have been very successful.

Brand founder, Kelly NG, born in Malaysia established her atelier in Toronto, Canada located at a historical government listed heritage site. The brand partner working with Kelly NG is a Canadian former founder & CEO of Canada’s IT company who’s extensive human resources helped in establishing the brand’s position in the market.

Haute Couture creates custom-made fits and has the highest standard in apparel manufacturing with the requirements of strict perfectionism for sewing and embroidery. Kelly NG says she’s gone through more than 700 tailors to find the right one for the brand’s first selections. Her high-definition gowns have a particular characteristic which requires a seamless finish where the closings and openings or “invisible” seams make people question how it’s being worn. However, because each craftsman’s customary technique is different, in order to pursuit the perfect details and to avoid the ‘traces’ in differences, every individual gown is sewn by the same craftsman independently. In order to keep their high-standards, craftsman and workers share information and techniques with one another to improve their craft.

Their current customer base consists of mainly “HNWI” (High-net-worth individuals) and “UHNWI” (Ultra high-net-worth individuals) in the United Kingdom and Dubai. The wealthy groups that are associated with real estates, private jets, yachts that collect more than $30 million in liquidity.

Canadian choice of dress style is said to be based on leisure and sports. Under such circumstances, Kelly NG’s chose to establish a high-profile brand in Canada which is profoundly a huge challenge, but with the right management and methods used, she found her customer base and the brand is showing signs of rising prominence.